It’s seems like everyone has an opinion on what’s right!!!

My only problem is it defeats the whole point of America!!! To be an American is supposed to come with inheritance freedom! We have lost that! We have gotten so far from that it’s ridiculous!! The truly sad part is it on every individual & we are to blame!! We use law & taxes to control people. It becomes voting out of spite. When I 1st started voting there was a state and local tax on the broad. I couldn’t understand why so many people were willing to vote for the bill just to spite the people it effected. There was no reinvestment back into the community, the tax wasn’t going to be used for parks and school. It was simply to spite the people effected!!

The tax I’m referring to is a tobacco tax. I used that as an example because I didn’t smoke & it didn’t effect me personally, most of the people I spoke with didn’t smoke & were definitely voting for the tax! My only thought was why make someone else life harder! The response I got most was if they can’t afford it they shouldn’t be smoking!! To me it’s the most disgusting response because no one is going to cigarette company and making them pay for people who need to smoke! Smoking is an addiction & no matter how you started quitting is hard as hell!! So an extra 5 dollars doesn’t make it easier to quit, it make it harder to process the need for the tobacco. So it’s completely insane to think paying more will make ppl quit. When true is all we had to do is stop advertising to kids and the industry would slowly go away!!

I think about that time because of present day, we’ve gotten so complacent with voting for spite we forgot we have to live in these places. Women who are Pro Life I get, I don’t believe in abortion (also think circumcision disgusting) but I don’t get to tell anyone what is right in there lives!! No one should have the right over anyone life decisions! Especially when it’s such a one sided thing!! Remove the stigma from teen moms, remove the stigma of having 10 kids, how about make men marry who they get pregnant!! There are so many things going on in this world being a Free Human in America is something we shouldn’t be fighting for!!!

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