• The stuff people say only hurt of you believe it!! Know your intentions, know your heart and remember There are no rules to life. We all come from very different upbringing so what is common to other may not have been common in your house. Like me for instance, I grew up in the country and it was common to walk around with no shoe on. I love to walk in the grass or sand bare foot. Most people think it’s gross but that won’t change how I feel about it. We have to be willing to be different and love those differences.
  • Watch the ones who are always talking about what they aren’t doing!!
    Watch the people always talking money but never have any!
    Watch the ppl who claim they are so positive but always in some mess!!
    If you got money you definitely aren’t talking about it & if you’re positive you understand how to eliminate mess from around you!!!
  • Good life on purpose!!
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