It is important to share a moment in my journey. Yesterday I took a physical step in the spiritual journey. Healing comes in many ways: mentally would be accountability, physically would be to exercise, and spiritual would be to acceptance!!! These 3 area have been the focus for me in recent years. It has been a long journey and I wouldn’t change any growing pains. I can only describe the feeling I have now, it’s indescribable!! The journey continues & will not stop, discovering new part of myself or how I’m effected by old stuff is amazing!!

At 18 I wanted to get a tattoo because of course “I was Grown” I had no idea what to get. So long story short I got a Japanese symbol for Dangerous- as a caution for all!! It was definitely a representation of who I was at that time. Recently it began to bother me, it’s felt like the old blocking the new. That’s the energy I felt, so it was time for a change. It took about 3 months to find a replacement but like everything- what I truly needs come in it’s own time!!

I removed the Dangerous

I got

A lotus flower growing from a semicolon!!!

The lotus flower emerges from murky waters perfectly clean and beautiful, so it is also a symbol for purity. Where all humans are born into a world of suffering where they must learn to overcome difficult times so that they can become a better person and reach spiritual enlightenment. The semicolon tattoo represents the fact that you have complete power over yourself, and can choose to keep fighting, even if you feel like giving up and putting a period on your life.