I am an active member of my community.

My community plays a big part in my life and I jump at the opportunity to give back each chance I get.

My family and I take part in community functions, such as the Sunday pancake breakfast and the yearly Easter egg hunt for the children.

Though it may seem trivial to outsiders, these events are at the core of our community.

I strongly believe that a neighborhood is only as good as its residents. And I am proud to say that I am setting an honorable example. 

I organize fundraisers for our local schools. This money is put towards providing the neighborhood children with a better education. Therefore, I feel that it is a necessary task and I plan on continuing my efforts for years to come.

I understand that the involvement of the next generation will determine what our town will be like 30 years from now. So, it is important to instill a strong sense of community in them from their youth.

Giving back to my community gives me a sense of pride. It makes me feel as if I am where I belong, doing what I am supposed to do. My town is more than a small dot on a map; it is the place my family calls home.

Voting is a very important part of being an active community member. Voting is the one thing I can do in my chaotic life to make an impact on the world I live in.

It is my responsibility to contribute to keeping this community thriving for years to come. One person can truly make a difference, and right now that person is me!

Today, I reach out to my community. I choose to be active in my community and make a difference. I encourage others to do their part in making our community one that we can be proud of.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I regularly volunteer my time in the community?
  2. Which events can I take charge of organizing?
  3. Do I plan on staying in this neighborhood for years to come?