Loving others
Loving others is easy when you accept self!

I choose to see my loved ones as gifts.

I am grateful for all that my partner brings to my life. I feel loved and supported. My partner makes me feel appreciated and capable.

I am encouraged by my partner on a regular basis. I can count on my partner to be there for me whenever I am in need. My partner is a blessing.

My family is kind and loving. I receive all the support I need from my family at all times. I am blessed with an amazing group of people that I call my family. I always feel safe and protected.

My friends are an amazing gift. I have an endless supply of friendly ears willing to listen to my problems. My social life is awesome, and I am fortunate to enjoy a large group of friends that make my life fun and interesting.

Today, I give thanks for my loved ones. I recognize all of the benefits they provide to my life. How lucky I am to be loved by such a wonderful group of people!

I am excited to spend time with my partner and my family today. I choose to see them as gifts that light up my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I love and appreciate most about my family? What would my life be like without my family?
  2. What do I love and appreciate most about my partner? What would my life be like without my partner?
  3. What else could I appreciate about my family and my partner? What have I been failing to acknowledge?