People who have physical, emotional, or spiritual needs beckon to my charitable side. I see their plights as opportunities for me to give back. My blessings are more satisfying when I am able to give to others.

I am a philanthropist at heart.

My first point of focus is on the people who are poor and suffering. I show love to them by providing them with basic necessities. However, my kindness extends beyond the destitute people to the ones whose hearts are broken. I work with hurting people to get them to a point of healing.

When I am in need of anything, I avoid dwelling on the issue. I channel the energy into helping someone else. I am most fulfilled in giving when I am in need myself.

Special times of year provide a great opportunity to show love. Thanksgiving holidays allow me to help someone else feel special. I realize that a sense of togetherness goes a long way in making people feel included and important.

Giving of my time, resources, and heart defines what it means to be a human being. Sharing what I have with my brothers is a great way to show sincere love.

Today, I commit to looking out for anyone who needs my help. My days are best spent when I am able to share love. I am happy to do my part in building a loving world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I communicate my need for love or support to others?
  2. What are some of the things I can do to expand my charitable effort?
  3. How do I respond when I realize someone is abusing my kindness?