I consider myself my brother’s keeper. I take the needs and challenges of less fortunate people personally. Their well-being is my personal responsibility as long as I am able to help.

I believe that less fortunate people deserve to be treated as equals with everyone else. When I see a homeless person being mistreated, I feel the urge to defend them.

Community service is one of my favorite things to participate in. I like to be a part of initiatives where people’s basic needs are supplied.

Whenever possible, I encourage friends and family members to participate in outreach. When I display supportive behavior for persons in need, I become a role model. That role is one that makes me happy.

I realize that less fortunate sometimes means lacking emotional stability. By providing a listening ear, I help others regain emotional wellness.

When I see someone less fortunate than me, it forces me to be introspective. I step back and take stock of my blessings. I am encouraged to share those blessings.

Today, my duty continues to be provider and protector of those in need. I am committed to helping anyone whose circumstance crosses my daily path. I feel fulfilled in my role as human being when I extend a hand to my brother.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How conscious am I of people’s spiritual needs?
  2. What is my next step when I realize that my efforts are less than enough for someone in need?
  3. What are some other ways I can incorporate outreach into my daily life?