Many people look at love differently, I’ve found so many fantasizing it at the same time as hating it. Finding love is easy when you love yourself!!! Reconditioning is KEY is finding self!!

So is it toxic love or the good love? No one will ever truly know but you honestly.

  • You’re too quick to sacrifice for your partner.
  • You’re too lenient and letting things go.
  • Your relationship is built off utility.

Many people look at sacrifice as a necessary and honorable part of a relationship. Unfortunately it shown to have some difficult effects for both giver & receiver.

If the person deal with a partner who is unethical or harmful, they must be completely honest with them or those behavior can have very hurtful effects.

We usually pick your partner for love, however some cases there other things like status or material perks. Being love for how useful a person is can leave both people empty.

When we love we must know how to see the situation we are in, so we don’t hurt ourselves!!

Love yourself enough to let go of pain!!