Communication is a priority for me.
I connect with others. I listen attentively. I concentrate on what others are saying instead of looking at my phone or rehearsing how I want to respond. I show others that I value them and what they have to say.
I express myself clearly. I use simple and specific language. I edit my writing to make it more concise.
I manage my emotions. I take a break before speaking, so I can avoid saying something I might regret. I go for a walk or breathe deeply. I am open to other points of view. I show empathy and compassion.
I am authentic and sincere. I love and accept myself as I am. I am willing to risk revealing my true feelings and beliefs. I speak from my heart and help others to do the same.
I watch my body language. I check that my facial expressions and posture match my words.
I ask questions. I clarify the message when 1
I am uncertain about what someone is saying. I gather information that helps me to learn.
I welcome constructive feedback. I value input from others and use it to make positive changes in my thinking and behavior.
I consider my intentions. I ask myself if what I have to say is helpful and necessary.
Today, I work on my interpersonal skills. Communicating effectively helps me to deepen my relationships and advance my career.
Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I remind myself to think before I speak?
  2. How can I encourage two-way conversations?
  3. Why is it important to listen more than I speak?