Moment in my Journey

Moment in my Journey

A lotus flower growing from a semicolon
A lotus flower growing from a semicolon

It is important to share a moment in my journey. Yesterday I took a physical step in the spiritual journey. Healing comes in many ways: mentally would be accountability, physically would be to exercise, and spiritual would be to acceptance!!! These 3 areas have been the focus for me in recent years. It has been a long journey and I wouldn’t change any growing pains. I can only describe the feeling I have now; it’s powerful, peaceful & so joyful!! The journey continues & I will not stop discovering new part of me.

At 18 I wanted to get a tattoo because of course “I was grown” I had no idea what to get. So long story short I got a Japanese symbol for Dangerous- as a caution for all!! It was definitely a representation of who I was at that time. Recently it began to bother me; it’s felt like the old energy was blocking my growth. I felt like it was time for a change. It took about 3 months to find a replacement but like everything- what I truly need comes in its own time!!

I removed the Dangerous

I got A lotus flower growing from a semicolon!!!

The lotus flower emerges from murky waters perfectly clean and beautiful, so it is also a symbol for purity. Like how all humans are born into a world of suffering. They must learn to overcome difficult times so that they can become a better person and reach spiritual enlightenment. The semicolon tattoo represents the fact that you have complete power over yourself, and can choose to keep fighting, even if you feel like giving up and putting a period on your life.

Moment in my Journey

Meditation helps me to set intentions for each day.

Meditation helps me to set intentions for each day.
Balancing Life

Being present in each moment allows me to have days that are fulfilling. Conscious involvement in each thing that I do encourages positive decision making. When I meditate, it helps me to set my intentions for the day ahead.

Each morning gives me a chance to define my purpose in life. The quiet time when I wake up helps me to formulate a plan for making the most of my time.

Meditation allows me to connect to my inner beliefs. Having that connection reminds me to focus on what I truly value. I live according to what I believe is wholesome and just.

When I look within, I consider the impact that my actions have on my circle of influence. My focus is on being a positive influence for those people.

As I meditate, I realign myself with that focus and commit to living positively for the day. I encourage my subordinate at work and extend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate.

Quiet time at the end of each day also helps me to re-center myself. Reflection allows me to identify shortcomings and develop a plan of action to overcome them.

Today, I acknowledge that there is significant value in meditation. Being able to focus on my inner being is helpful in allowing me to experience rewarding days.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What activities can I engage in to enhance the value of meditation?
  2. How do I realign with my belief system after an emotionally challenging day?
  3. In what ways can I incorporate meditation throughout the course of the day?

4 Meditations Inspired by Elevators

meditating in an elevator
Man Meditating in an elevator.

Maybe Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but most humans need a little help to reach the top floors.

Elevators help us make our way around shopping malls, parking garages, hotels, and office complexes.
Similarly, meditation can smooth our path in life. Take a few minutes to explore these reflections inspired by elevators.

Meditations on Heading Up or Down:

You’ve probably heard the saying that it’s impossible to stand still. You’re either making progress or you’re backsliding. There’s a reason why the elevator alarm goes off if you just sit there in the lobby.

  1. Pick a priority. Take one area of your life where you want to make a change. Maybe it’s your parenting style or a health issue.
  2. Envision your future. Imagine where you’d like to be in a month or 5 years from now. Think short and long term.
  3. Write down a plan. Develop a concrete strategy to support your new resolution. Put it down on paper or carry it around in an app on your phone. Look at it when you need a reminder or want to evaluate your performance.

Meditations on Taking Control:

Those elevator buttons that claim to close the doors are usually fake. Scientists and interior decorators have discovered that humans feel happier when they have a sense of control.

  1. Examine your concerns. What is currently causing anxiety in your life? Do you find yourself distracted thinking about car payments or your child’s report card?
  2. Assess your needs. Outline what you require to feel calm and empowered. Reducing your monthly expenses or increasing your skills could give you more security.
  3. Soothe yourself. Take time out to relax and restore. Regular breaks make you more centered and productive. Stop for a cup of tea or spend an hour working on your hobby. Dissolve stress with a warm bath or a few laps in the pool.

Meditations on Elevator Pitches:

Are you ready to make a positive impression on a potential employer or a new friend if you’re both headed to the same floor? Work on your brand.

  1. Identify your values. Figure out what’s important to you. Shorten your to do list if you need to free up more hours for the activities that you find meaningful and nurturing.
  2. Inventory your strengths. Understand what you have to contribute to the world. Ask yourself what you’re good at and what you like to do. Research careers that would allow you to draw on your signature strengths.
  3. State your mission. Pull your thoughts together into a compelling brief summary of who you are and what you do. Revisit the statement every 6 months to see if it’s still accurate.

Meditations on Inactivity:

The downside to elevators is that they sometimes make us less active if we avoid using the stairs for short trips. Try staying on your feet and walking around for this practice.

  1. Burn more calories. Look for ways to work more physical activity into your daily routine, and make your exercise sessions more consistent. Give your kitchen floor a good scrubbing instead of the usual quick mopping. Sign up for a dance class or buy a treadmill.
  2. Shrink your waist. Abdominal fat can be especially harmful to your health. Lose excess weight and do exercises that target your core.
  3. Build your muscles. Muscles burn more calories than fat even when you’re at rest. Train for strength with weight lifting and sprinting.
    Remember that meditation and elevators are both uplifting experiences. Even a few minutes on your cushion or in an elevator can make a dramatic difference in helping you reach your destination.

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I am an active member of my community.

I am an active member of my community.

My community plays a big part in my life and I jump at the opportunity to give back each chance I get.

My family and I take part in community functions, such as the Sunday pancake breakfast and the yearly Easter egg hunt for the children.

Though it may seem trivial to outsiders, these events are at the core of our community.

I strongly believe that a neighborhood is only as good as its residents. And I am proud to say that I am setting an honorable example. 

I organize fundraisers for our local schools. This money is put towards providing the neighborhood children with a better education. Therefore, I feel that it is a necessary task and I plan on continuing my efforts for years to come.

I understand that the involvement of the next generation will determine what our town will be like 30 years from now. So, it is important to instill a strong sense of community in them from their youth.

Giving back to my community gives me a sense of pride. It makes me feel as if I am where I belong, doing what I am supposed to do. My town is more than a small dot on a map; it is the place my family calls home.

Voting is a very important part of being an active community member. Voting is the one thing I can do in my chaotic life to make an impact on the world I live in.

It is my responsibility to contribute to keeping this community thriving for years to come. One person can truly make a difference, and right now that person is me!

Today, I reach out to my community. I choose to be active in my community and make a difference. I encourage others to do their part in making our community one that we can be proud of.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I regularly volunteer my time in the community?
  2. Which events can I take charge of organizing?
  3. Do I plan on staying in this neighborhood for years to come?

I can release my feelings of trying to control everything.

I can go with the flow.

Free falling dandelion seed
Free falling dandelion

I acknowledge that the only person I have complete control over is me! I cannot control the thoughts, opinions, or actions of others. However, I can control my reactions to whatever life throws my way.

I let go of my desire to control situations and I refuse to allow frustration to cloud my mind. Instead, I choose to focus on what I can do in any given situation.

Even though I cannot control everything, I am not powerless. I still have tools that help me direct my life toward achieving my goals, regardless of life’s distractions.

My time management skills keep me focused and organized. I allow time in my schedule for dealing with distractions without losing my focus on my priorities.

Affirmations are another tool that helps guide my life to where I want to go. Regardless of what life throws at me, I can replace any negative thoughts that creep in with positive ones.

Even in hectic times, I can use breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation to restore peace and harmony to my soul.

I also use my optimistic outlook on life to find the silver lining in everything.

With these tools at my disposal, I know I can go with the flow, whatever that flow might bring! I do not need to have control over anyone but myself to enjoy life with all its blessings and challenges!

Today, I choose to focus on controlling only myself and discover how joyful life can be without any desire to control others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I feel I need to control others for my day to go smoothly?
  2. How can I control my life by controlling myself?
  3. What stops me from just going with the flow?

This moment is precious to me.

Precious Moments
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I treasure each moment. I am committed to living in the present.

I put aside past disappointments and expectations for the future. I focus on what is happening right now. I give my full attention to whatever I am doing.

I train myself to breathe fully and deeply. I slow down. I notice the air entering and exiting my nostrils. I fill my abdomen and chest with each inhalation and let them sink with each gentle exhalation. I create a soothing rhythm.

I observe my environment. I am thankful for the beauty of flower gardens and the efficiency of my local hardware store.

I listen attentively when others speak to me. My relationships prosper when I try to understand and validate others.

This moment helps me strengthen my health. I savor my food and delight in the colors, textures, and flavors. I sip my tea slowly and fill my plate with nutritious and tasty vegetables and fruits. I check my posture, and incorporate physical activity into my regular routine. I act promptly if I see any warning signs of illness or injury.

I realize that stress or contentment comes from my thoughts rather than from external forces. I am at peace as long as I accept what each moment brings. Sometimes I am comfortable and sometimes I learn and grow by overcoming challenges.

Today, I free myself from old habits and assumptions that could hold me back. I appreciate each moment for what it is.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I define being completely present?
  2. Why does meditation strengthen my capacity for living in the moment?
  3. How does living mindfully change my daily experiences?

Moment of Stillness Restore Me

A moment of stillness

Stillness soothes my body and mind. I slow down. I move more smoothly and deliberately.
I pause in between one activity and the next. I give my body a chance to stretch and offer my mind an opportunity to switch gears. I revisit my priorities so I can choose what project to tackle next instead of being caught up in a rush.
I focus on my breath. I inhale and exhale slower and deeper.
I scan my body for any areas of soreness or tension. I lower my shoulders and straighten my back. If my jaw is clenched or my brow is furrowed, I gently untighten them.
I massage my feet and hands. I thank them for all the work they do for me.
I check for eye strain. I look at an object far off in the distance and then another object up close. I feel my eyes relax.
I repeat an inspiring mantra. I engage with 1
the beauty that surrounds me.
When possible, I enjoy a little solitude. I walk in the park or sit on a bench. Even if I am surrounded by a crowd, I can take a break. I plug in my ear buds and listen to gentle instrumental music or a recording of spiritual chants. I close my eyes for a second and picture a garden or a mountain trail.
Today, I surrender to silence. Engaging in quiet moments helps me to think clearly and feel at peace.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is it important for me to take breaks?
  2. How can I incorporate regular breaks into my work day?
  3. Where can I find some spots in my neighborhood to enjoy a quiet moment?

Wellness is Power

A wide shot of a young woman achieving balance and wellness while doing yoga outside

In today’s world, it can feel like everything is moving faster and faster. Many people spend so much time caring for others they forget to care for themselves. Is it any wonder, then, that we’re feeling more stressed and unbalanced than ever? How do we achieve balance and wellness?


The key to healing in these troubled times isn’t a new pill or book or exercise. It comes from within. YES, you have the power within you! When you take the time to harness that power through wellness practices, you can bring out your best self, and help the people around you do the same.

In a world that’s constantly putting us down or making us feel small, it can be a revolutionary act to claim that power. You may be thinking that there’s nothing you can do. That you’re also stuck in your ways. That this is all life has to offer you. I’m happy to tell you that you’re wrong! I can help you unlock that balance so you can be happier, healthier, and more at peace.


The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. We’re all in this together. Indeed, when we work together to create the world we want to live in, we can make that world a reality.

In this blog, I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned about what it takes to find the right balance of wellness. From there it’s just a matter of using your imagination. Join me, and let’s claim our power back from those who called us weak or helpless! Let’s show them what strength — true strength — looks like.

PrettiGurl Wellness is a place where we can share information about how to awaken our power. You’ll then find stories about getting in tune with nature and everyday wellness practices that will help you manage stress and develop balance in your life.


My mantra has always been “Balance is Key”. Life is full of ups and downs. There is no light without darkness, after all. This isn’t about always being positive or always being happy. Indeed, true power comes to those who embrace that spiritual balance and are willing to rise above what life throws at us.

Just like any other power, this is something you have to integrate into your everyday life and start practicing for it to become a part of you. This is learning how to be at peace within yourself, even when things are not going your way.

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I hope that you join me — so that together, we can manifest the world we want. Contact me to learn more.